About Jenae

 Let’s see.  What can I tell you about myself?

 I am a wife to a pretty awesome husband, and a mom to an adorable little baby girl.  We three plus or quirky cat Luna equals one sweet little family.

 I love to write and even went to college in hopes that somebody would eventually pay me to do that, but alas, the only place I get to write these days is in this           blog.

 I would like to write more, but all too often I allow myself to get vortexed into the giant internet time sucks that are Facebook and Pinterest.

 I also love to take photographs and sometimes people pay me to do that.

 I firmly believe that all days should begin with coffee and end with tea.

 I like being crafty – not the evil plot kind, but the glue and scissors kind – from hand-making cards to home decor and art to knitting.  The only problem is, I tend to get really excited about a project and go out and buy all sorts of supplies, but if I don’t get right to it, I lose interest.  My house is full of really awesome  half-finished paintings, jewelry, and other d.i.y. projects.

 I love it when people read my blog (and comment on it!), so go on!


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