The other day I was browsing Pinterest, my new favorite place to waste time online, when I saw a pin that caught my eye.  I clicked the link, and was introduced to the total awesomeness of cinemagraphs.

Well, I got so excited about how eerily wonderful these things were, I just had to try my hand at making my own.  So behold!  My first two attempts at cinemagraphy!

What do you think?  Neat, eh?  There will be more to come, I am sure.  If you want to see more cinemagraph awesomeness by the guys who came up with the idea (read: theirs are amazing and way better than what I came up with with my little point & shoot), you should head over to this website.

*So, I’m not sure why the first one doesn’t appear to be moving (it does in my edit window!), but if you want to see the movement in that one, just click on it).


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