Of all of the things I love about the Island, the landscape here easily rises to the top of my list.  Oceans, mountains, temperate rain forests – there’s an extra high dosage of naturey eye candy here, and I love that almost any direction I look, there’s something amazing to see.

This past weekend Nathan & I ventured out to Ucluelet for a romantic weekend getaway extravaganza, graciously awarded to us by the good people who’s timeshare presentation we had to sit through last fall in the form of a two-nights-for-one dealio.  Between the kayaking and pretend surfing (I figured body boarding was the more baby-safe option, especially since I am particularly wretched at surfing), I had time to snap a few photos of the gloriousness that is our west coast.  Enjoy, and all you interior-dwellers (of which I am soon to become one of again, I know), try not to become too jealous that this isn’t what’s outside of your front door!

waves crashing at the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet

wave aftermath

our view of the inlet from our room


my own special "ocean eye candy"!


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