Writer’s Block. And Kleenex.

The other day, the subject of the awfulness of doing dishes without a dishwasher came up.  “Hey,” I said, “I wrote a blog about that a little while ago.”

I sort of wondered how long ago it was that I’d actually written said blog post, and today I scrolled through my blog to find it.  It was a little further back than I’d thought, approximately 15 entries in, somewhere near the top of page two.  And it was dated June 27, 2010.

Wow, I thought to myself, I really need to update this thing more often.

Which more or less brings us to the present.

So I decided to blog more often, starting right now.  Great!  Now I only had to decide what to write about!  Okay!

I haven’t quite decided if there are too many thoughts jammed inside my head right now, and once I start pulling them out and putting them into type, they’ll all kind of come spilling out, like when you try and grab just one Kleenex from an over-full box and they kind of stick together and spill everywhere; or, if my blogging problem has more to do with (lets keep going with that Kleenex analogy) the box being too empty, and you have to stab your fingers through that plasticy top and dig around in there awkwardly in order to get ahold of even one.  Either or, writer’s block has me all stuffed up, buuut I decided to go with the latter theory first: my proverbial Kleenex box is too empty!  After Googling “random blog idea generator”, I ended up over at creativity-portal.com, prepared to be inspired by their wonderful, marvelous “Imagination Prompt Generator”!

Well, after clicking through a few of the “prompts”, I became sorely disappointed.  The Imagination Prompts were L-A-M-E!  I could never write an entire, serious blog based on:

-Are you afraid of death? (no, and here’s a great segue for witnessing to my unwitting blog followers!) 

-On the way to work, I noticed… (the usual drivers blocking traffic in the fast lane – but nobody wants to read me ranting about the horrid Island drivers)

-This year, you are going to… (more appropriate around January 1st for that bravely hopeful goals blog I always sort of half-write but never publish)

-10 unfinished projects hanging over my head (thanks for reminding me, Inspiration Generator.  I don’t find your nagging tone very inspiring at all!)

-Self-control is… (knowing when to stop writing quippy little responses to the Inspiration Generator’s “inspirations” because the readers are probably getting bored)

After awhile, I decided to stop clicking through the prompts (which were beginning to seem suspiciously like 7th grade creative writing achievement test topics), and switch back to writer’s block theory #1 – too many Kleenexes stuffed in my box.

I sat for a minute.

I thought.

And then I came up with:













Wow, did that ever come spilling out!   …oookay.  Too many “Kleenexes” it is.  I guess I just have to spend some time packing all that neatly back in, and carefully pulling them out one at a time (that is, blogging about them, in case my Kleenex analogy is becoming too ragged and soggy to keep being coherent).

Alright, no problem.

It might just take me some time, is all.


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block. And Kleenex.

  1. Very funny Jenae! You are too clever. Plus the kleenex thing made me also think of digging around in one’s own grey matter. Which would be messy. And sort of disgusting. And very funny comebacks to the generator thing.


    I find it is best to just start writing and see what happens and who the heck cares. It easier not caring…blogging for self amusement, I call it.


    also, meowing a lot is helpful.

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