Oh, Summer….

…you were too short.

Big, beautiful Alberta sky

Our new house! Well, the house we will buy from my parents at an unspecified future date, that is. Still, we are very excited.

Dog. My dog. Yawning in the sun.

Got to spend some good time with my new Sterkenburg family - well, not that new, but considering I've had my other family for 25 years already...

Oh yes, Timmy's and a morning on the beach. A very good way to spend the summer in Nanaimo


Bees busy in the blooms.

A lovely view.

Summer afternoon sun through a cottage window

Followed by sunset and wine a little later. Summer bliss.

Shoes optional. Bare feet recommended.

I am so not ready for fall.


4 thoughts on “Oh, Summer….

  1. Jenae! How fun…I’m so happy we can share similar musical experiences. Sometimes I wonder if the roommates think I’m a little weird when I play my music…although they tolerate it very well. ha ha. I love your blog…you take beautiful pictures.

  2. Butch/Mandy looks like she is in fine form. That’s a great picture!

    And your future house is so, so cute. Where is it located? I love the curvy windows.

    • oh yes, fine form indeed, except she can hardly walk around the park anymore without having to be carried home. but she’s still got a few years left in her for sure. the future house is in the flats, really close to river park church. we’re in no hurry to move back, but it’s being rented right now, but it’s there for us when the time is right, i guess. the curvy windows actually belong to a sun room off of what will be the master bedroom, which i am very excited about someday sitting and drinking a cup of tea in.

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