A Shameless Plug For Handmade Jewelry

Alright.  So I have this brother who is pretty awesome, and he’s got this girlfriend who is also pretty awesome.  She makes some awesomely beautiful handmade jewelry, made mostly out of natural things (like rocks, shells, etc) that she has found.  She also makes a lot of the beads and pendants out of clay, which she leaves natural or hand paints.

This summer I did a photo shoot with her for her jewelry, and because I think that both she and her jewelry are so wonderful, I’ve posted some of the pictures here.  That way, if you think something is especially pretty and want it for your own, you can tell me, I can tell her, and it can be yours!  Unfortunately I don’t remember what prices generally are – I believe things are usually between $12 and $20.

So without further ado:

Shell, bead, & rock necklace

Shell & abalone necklace

Shell, rock, & bead necklace


Shell, bead, & rock bracelet

Shell, bead & rock necklace

Driftwood & bead necklace

Shell, abalone, bead necklace

Rock, bead necklace

Rock, bead, wood necklace

Shell & bead necklace

Shell & bead necklace

Rock necklace - check out the sweet "donut" rock

Driftwood & rock necklace

Clay bead & pendant necklace

Driftwood & rock necklace

Necklace with rock & wire pendant

Shell, bead, & driftwood necklace

Driftwood & rock necklace

Clay pendant

Driftwood & rock earrings

Wood bead earrings

Rock & bead earrings

Clay & bead earrings

Shell earrings


Bead earrings

Rock & bead earrings

Clay earrings

Shell earrings

Shell & bead earrings

Bead & rock earrings

Shell & rock earrings

Bead earrings

Clay bead & stone pendant

Bead & shell pendant


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