10 Things I Want To Do This Summer

It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!  It’s something I haven’t been this excited about since high school, because I haven’t been able to be excited about it since then.

Summer vacation!  Yup, real mccoy, bonafide summer vacation! One of the many perks of my new job as an EA is having the whole summer off to do with as I please!  Well, almost anyway.  So what shall I do?  What indeed shall I do?

Well, I did manage to come up with a few ideas….

1. Shoot my own photography alphabet. Like this one, only all original to me!  And I’ll try not to use this or ones like it to cheat.

2. Visit the theatre in Chemainus. Chemainus is a small town about half an hour from Nanaimo.  Besides boasting an unusual amount of murals painted on the sides of buildings, the town’s main claim to fame would be the fantastic dinner theatre it is home to.  I’ve never been, but apparently the food is phenomenal, and the stage productions it produces are top notch.

3. Visit the Royal Tyrell Museum. I guess it’s true that locals take their attractions for granted, because even though I spent a good portion of my life within an hour of this place, I haven’t been since I was 4.  I don’t even remember one thing about it.  But spending the day among a bunch of dinosaur bones and exhibits actually sounds like a lot of fun to me!

4. Go on a wine tour. Never been on one, but there are tons of wineries on the Island.  I went on a tour of a cheese factory once, and I’m imagining it will sort of be the same kind of thing.  Hopefully anyway…free samples???

karaoke in my town was never this cool.

5. Sing karaoke. There was one time some friends and I went to a karaoke night with the intention to actually sing.  We went to a pub that was known for its karaoke night, but we soon realized our mistake: this was not fun, loud, drunken karaoke, this was serious business. Cindi Lauper and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” were nowhere to be heard; instead, these people were pulling out things like Celine Dion and (I kid you not) Radiohead’s “Creep”.  Too intimidated, we finished our nachos and left.

6. Sew something. My mother was a sewing teacher.  While my cooking and organizational skills may leave something to be desired, she did make good and certain that I knew how to read a pattern, thread a machine, and turn heaps of fabric into a nice pair of bright pink shorts with green polka dots (my first sewing project at age 4, in fact).  However, I haven’t really done much with this skill since grade 8, in which I was forced to sew this hideous fake quilted pillow sham, and after spending a couple of hours sorting the home ec. sewing stuff this past week, I figured it might be time to dust off the ol’ machine.  I think I will make a picnic blanket.

7.  Attempt to surf. Everyone says that since I can snowboard, I will naturally be able to pick up surfing no problem.  I’m a little skeptical.  A couple of summers ago I tried wake surfing, and it was hard! But I figure I cant live this close to Tofino without even trying it.

8. Blog 5 days a week. Okay,  this kind of sounds like a boring, crusty old “thing I wanna do” this summer.  But since I wont be working, I’ll need something to consistently fill a little bit of my time!  For the past 3 or so weeks, I’m very impressed with myself that I’ve been writing 4 days a week, unless outside circumstances prohibit it.  WordPress has this new thing called Plinky that features a new writing topic every day.  If you’re suffering from writer’s block, it’s kind of like an “assignment” that gets the creative juices flowing, and gives you a starting point for something to write about.  Since I currently don’t have a “theme” for Wednesdays, from now on they will be the “Plinky” day.

9.  Go kayaking on the ocean. Kayaking on the lake is fun, and the only kayak experience I’ve ever really had.  How much cooler would it be here, to paddle around an island or two, and see eagles, sea lions, and maybe even an orca?

10. Not take these days for granted. Oh yes I know, how sappy and feel-good is this?  But I mean it; I know I certainly appreciate it now, having the whole summer off, much more so than I did even in high school.  But I know that if I’m not careful, I’ll start waking up, stumbling to the computer and checking Facebook, then hauling myself to the kitchen around noon and making myself some breakfast/lunch, then moping around bored and waiting for Nathan to get home to entertain me.  So here’s planning on not doing that this time around.


3 thoughts on “10 Things I Want To Do This Summer

  1. Free(ish) samples. Some wineries charge admission. But the littler ones I think don’t. BUT do it! It’s fun!

    Also, I will come karaoke with you. I sing very badly. And it sounds like fun.

    Also, alphabet thing: FUN!!!!

    Also: kayak around Newcastle. It rocks. And you will be exhausted when you’re done. So a good work out!!

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