The Eagle and the Cat?

Ahh…this is the first morning in a long while where I’ve gotten up, gotten ready, and had more than 5 minutes to spare before dashing out the door.  I even had time to have breakfast!  I’ve put away the clean dishes, perused Flickr for a bit, and now I’m going to start (maybe not finish) a post while I wait for my coffee to percolate.

Nathan and I are going treasure hunting!  And you can, too!  We are participating in what is apparently the World’s Greatest Treasure Hunt – a search around the world for this eagle statue made of solid gold, inset with diamonds and some sort of giant emerald.  And we dont even have jump on plane after plane from country to country searching for the thing – although that would be fun.

So here’s what the deal is: The creator of this treasure hunt is Ron Shore, a man who has lost 17 relatives to cancer.  To raise money for research, he wrote this book you buy (hence the fundraising part), hid a bunch of clues in it, and hid 12 certificates for these eagles (one is the gold behemoth, the others are smaller and made of silver) all over the world.  If you can figure out all of the clues in each chapter, and submit them on the website in the right order, you get a treasure map!  If you are lucky enought to find a certificate, you dont actually get to keep the eagle statue, but you get to swap it for a cool million dollars.  At least, this is my understanding of the game.  It sounded like fun, so we ordered the book from Amazon.  It is due to arrive at the end of July, and then we will start treasure hunting!  Even if we dont win anything, I think it will still be fun.

Last night we had a bit of an adventure ourselves.  It was four in the morning, and I was having a lovely dream about being paid $800,000 to nanny this kid, when all of a sudden we were rudely awakened by frantic, furious, forissimo barking from Leroy!  Nathan stumbled out of bed and went out to see why Leroy was so upset.  He did not calm down even when Nathan came on the scene, so Nathan opened the door to his kennel.  I’d kind of assumed he’d heard a sound from upstairs, but when he ran out of the kennel, he beelined it for the door to outside, rather than the door to upstairs, and kept barking.  Nathan let Leroy out, and after some frantic sniffing in all directions, he must have determined that all was well on that front, and came back inside and went to sleep for the rest of the night.

I, however, remained unsettled.  Leroy can see the door from his kennel, which is glass so theoretically he can see outside.  Maybe he’d seen a cat sneaking around the garbage; after all, their eyes do “glow” in the dark.  But being 4 in the morning, shouldn’t Leroy have been asleep?  As in, asleep with his eyes shut, not looking out at the door for cats?  So maybe he heard something.  Something loud enough to wake him, maybe something like somebody at the door?  Leroy may be a little bark happy, but he’s never had a melt down in the middle of the night like that before.  Whatever the case, something was out there last night that shouldn’t have been.


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