I’ve Been Neglecting My Blogging Duties…

Well, yesterday was supposed to be Thoughtful Thursday or whatever I decided to call it, and today is supposed to be Pho-tastic Friday.  Regrettably, yesterday was not Thoughtful, and today will not be Pho-tastic.  But, I do have a very good reason.

Today, in ten minutes in fact, Nathan and I are leaving on our first camping trip of the year; first camping trip together ever, actually.  I am very excited, but yesterday and this afternoon have been crazy busy making sure we have everything together, hence why I have been slacking with this blog.

But rest assured, when Monday rolls around I’m sure I’ll have plenty to share with you!

One last thing – and this is a bit of a confession.  I love camping, love the outdoors and wilderness, but I have a bit of a….well…..actually it’s a bit more than a bit of an irrational fear of bears.  It’s silly, I’ve never had a close call with a bear or anything, and I know all the proper bear protocol and blah blah blah, but it does nothing to alleviate my firm conviction that all the bears in the forest are just waiting there, waiting for me to crawl into my tent and fall asleep and then….

Well, whatever.  In any case, wish me luck, and here I go!


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