Bad Dog

You can never trust a dog.

Last night Nathan and I partook of leftover ham, among other things, for supper.  It was very delicious, and a few pieces were left after we were both full.  It was a beautiful sunny evening, so after dinner, Nathan went fishing in the lake by our house with a friend and his son.  I headed to the office, and sat down to write last night’s blog post.

But Leroy was bored.

The house was quiet and peaceful, when all of a sudden I noticed this….sound coming from the direction of the living room/kitchen: smack smack….clink…smack. I thought it best to investigate.

There is about a three foot gap between our couch and the kitchen table, and there was Leroy, straddling the gap, back paws perched on the back of the couch, front paws scrabbling on the kitchen table, and frantically mowing down the ham.

“LEROY!” I shouted; the plate clanged on the table, ham flew, and Leroy nearly ended up on the floor.

Needless to say, he was not happy about my interrupting his felonious feast, but there was still the second course….

Later that evening, Nathan and I visited our friend who own the suite we live in, and who live upstairs.  Since we were only going to be gone a couple of hours, and he’d been so good lately about us being gone, we decided to leave Leroy out of his kennel.  Still, I was expecting a whine or a bark or two when we left, but not a peep did Leroy make.  This niggled at me, but since I am accused too often of being over-anxious about the dog, I decided not to mention it, and just be happy that Leroy is finally chilling out about us being gone.

When we got home, there were no broken dishes, no chewed shoes, and no signs that Leroy had revisited the kitchen table.  However, the couch cushions were kind of askew.  I peeked under the first cushion, and yup!  Leroy had been up to something.

Under the cushion, I found an entire block of cheese, half eaten, which he was obviously trying to hide from us.  I couldn’t even be mad; Nathan sheepishly explained that he had been slicing and eating cheese at the coffee table, and had forgotten to put the cheese away.  I also kept imagining and laughing about what must have been going through Leroy’s head: Cheese!  Jackpot!!!  Yum-num-num…Now where can I hide this so those miserly humans don’t reclaim it?  I know, they’ll never find it if I hide it in the couch!

You can really never trust a dog when it comes to food.


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