This morning I was awoke to a brilliant shaft of sunlight beaming through the bedroom window, not a cloud in the sky.  Lunch was spent relaxing in the sun, and throughout the last block I kept glancing out the window into a nice, sunny parking lot, planning an afternoon of reading in a lawn chair in the backyard.

When the bell rang, and I had tidied up, grabbed my bags, and headed out to my car – it was completely clouded over and a cool wind was blowing!  And as I drove home, I even had to turn on the windshield wipers.  How’s that for a kiboshed afternoon?

So, here I am anyway.

We have decided to keep Leroy in our possession, for the time being anyway.  There is no sense getting rid of a dog we otherwise love, just to spend more money (and probably considerably more than we spent in the first place) getting another dog.  It makes more sense to me to put that money into rehabbing the dog we already have.  If only even the idea of taking Leroy for a walk didn’t make me so anxious – I turn every corner just praying “please don’t let there be another dog there!”  Since Nathan is considerably more stoic than me about the whole matter, he’s been doing most of the walking, God bless him.  So we’ll see how it all goes.

So, even though I didn’t get the sun after work today, this weekend was beau-tastic and also very girly.  On Saturday some friends and I went to see Sex and the City: 2.  Reviews were bad, but obviously these reviewers were expecting something more than just fashion and sex with a skimpy but mandatory plot line in there to hold it all together.

I, on the other hand, expected little, and consequently, enjoyed lots.

On Sunday, I also got to enjoy a shopping trip without Nathan, which meant browsing as much as I wanted, free and unfettered!  So what did I browse at?  Why, shoes of course!  I needed (yes, needed) a pair of strappy brown [faux] leather peep-toe wedges to accompany a dress to a wedding this summer.  I found a pair at one store for $70 that I really liked, but decided to browse around before committing.  Good thing I did, because I found the exact same pair at Winners for $30 cheaper!

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting with a friend who was in from Vancouver, sunning, and avoiding cleaning.


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