This is Leroy.  He is a Jack Russell we rescued from the pound almost two months ago.  Isn’t he cute?  He loves to play and has already learned how to sit, lay down, shake a paw, and commando crawl across the floor for a treat.  He is housebroken and doesn’t cry at night in his kennel.  And he is just as cuddly as you would want from a canine companion.

However, see that black strap he is wearing?  It makes him look like a little delinquent, doesn’t it?  He is wearing it because despite all superficial appearances, he really is a little monster who seems to believe that it is is God-ordained mission to terrorize and eradicate from the earth anything else that walks on four legs and barks.  When we pass other dogs on walks, he goes “BAHwahwahWAH-GrAh-YOUP!youp!youp!-RAHHH!” really embarrassingly, which is accentuated because as he is choking himself on the leash trying to get at the other dog, it makes him gag.  It’s pure awfulness.  The dog park is right out too; last time we were there, he bit a poor little daschund.

He makes us look like terrible dog owners.

And because of this, poor Leroy might have to go.  Oh, we know it’s not our fault.  And we know it’s not really his fault either.  After all, whoever owned him before us obviously socialized him very badly.  But Nathan and I are starting to wonder if we really have the resources or even the time to right it.  Which is too bad, because he really is awfully cute.

So, if any of you have the desire to become the owners of an otherwise fantastic pet, or know anybody who does, please let me know.  Seriously, because I have been looking into contacting the BC Russell Rescue (yes, there really is such a thing).  Does that make me a bad dog owner, trying to get rid of him him after not even two months?

So other than becoming mildly embarrassed every time I step out of doors with the dog, here is what else is new and fabulous:

I have a new(ish) job – my turnover rate has been most impressive as of late hasn’t it?  As bad as it might look on a resume, this time they called me about the position.  A full time position suddenly opened up at the school I’ve been EA subbing at, and they asked if I would be interested.  I was, so suddenly I find myself sending people out with homework instead of lattes, and remembering that when someone calls “Mrs. S!”, they mean me.  It was a bit of a leap of faith, taking this job, since it is only officially until the end of this school year, but here’s hoping it carries on into the fall.

This past weekend was spent basking in the rare and exciting sunshine!  We had no plans to do anything extravagant, so we didn’t.  Nathan fixed the car on Saturday afternoon (can I just take a moment to emphasize my extreme delight at marrying a man who is so darn handy??  The parts he’s fixed on the car would have cost me over $600 in labour and parts if he hadn’t been so great!), and I spent the afternoon poking around our backyard with my camera.  Okay; coming from crispy, brown Medicine Hat, I am probably more amazed than normal people at how so many things beautiful, different things grow around here.  I didn’t even leave the yard, and found at least thirty different types of flowers growing, most of them just wild!  You can see a sampling of what I found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jenaescamera/sets/72157624088638451/

If it turns out that you really like one or some, you can order prints from me.

Happy Monday everybody!


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