We Walked Among Giants

The past couple of weekends have been spent walking among the giant trees of MacMillan Park, meandering along riverbanks at Little Qualicum Falls, and exploring along ocean sides along the west coast of the Island.  It’s been fantastic and lovely.  We are so blessed to live in such a paradise.

Little Qualicum Falls


the tallest tree in the forest

Nathan & I at Ucluelet

My family – well, half of them anyway, were here for a short visit last weekend and half of this last week.  My younger brother Nic is the dapper red-sweatered chap in a couple of the above pictures.


4 thoughts on “We Walked Among Giants

  1. Wonderful! Ucluelet Sound is such a beautiful place… wish I was there. WCT plans are on hold by the way… Matt cannot come because of school reasons 😦

    • too bad about the wct! if anything changes, let me know for sure! we were looking forward to seeing you this summer.

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