A New Direction?

The other day, I was having tea with a friend of mine.  She has a blog, a fairly popular fashion blog with what seems like a bajillion followers.  I’m slightly jealous, since I’ve been blogging for what feels like forever, and am happy when a post garners even two comments.  She, on the other hand, has been at it for less than a year, and has comments bursting out the wazoo every post.  I voiced this mixture of admiration and jealousy over tea.

“Your blog is great,” she said, “you just have to have a theme, a somewhat consistent subject matter.  If people are interested in the thing that you are writing about, they’ll keep reading,” she told me.

I thought about this.  It was true, my blog didn’t really have any structure to it.  But what was I interested in that I could possibly write about on some sort of a consistent basis?

The problem was twofold, I decided.  First of all, I get bored quickly.  I tried to do a blog awhile back in which I would take one picture each day of the year and post it.  I think I made it to the middle of January with the actual photo taking, and never even ended up posting anything.  And secondly, I am interested in too many things.  I would love to try another photography blog.  I love creative writing.  Etc, etc.

What to do?

Well, I decided to work with what I had.  Each week day will have a different sort of flavour to it, but each day will be the same every week.  This will keep me from getting bored, allow me to write about most things that interest me, while maintaining some sort of consistency.  It’ll go something like this:

The Weekend Report – Each Monday I will let everyone know what fabulous and exciting things I’ve been up to in the past week.

Top Ten Tuesdays – Top Ten Songs of the Moment, Top Ten Photos that will Blow Your Mind, Top Ten Things That Annoy Me….you get the idea.

Random Wednesdays – I’m honestly not quite sure what I will write about on Wednesdays.

Thoughts on a Thursday – A conglomeration between an editorial, journal entry, and creative writing essay-type thing.

Pho-tastic Friday – A photo that I think is awesome that I took sometime during the past week will appear on the blog on Fridays.

So.  There you go.  Now you all know what you can expect from reading my blog each week.  And I guess I can expect what to write about.  Happy reading!


3 thoughts on “A New Direction?

  1. Hey I thought I’d let you know that I’ve been reading your blog and enjoying it immensely 🙂 I’m really looking forward to more posts from you. If you guys ever get out to Winnipeg in the school year, let me know!!!! Blessings, Emily

  2. Hey Jenae, Your blog is fun! Your pics are fabulous! You do live in a stunning part of the world. I will savor each day’s blog entries. Also, I’m so looking forward to seeing you and Nathan later this summer!

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