A Love Poem

This is a poem I wrote for Nathan the other day.  It’s unedited and a little rough, but he enjoyed it so perhaps you will too.


We’ve now been married for eight whole months
Twas August fifteenth when we said “I do!”
And now it’s time for all, for once
To declare exactly how I feel ’bout you!

My love for you’s like an itchy, red rash
That’s hid on my back or my leg
Though yes, out of sight, it is not out of mind,
For my darling, I can feel it all day!

I’m likewise reminded of a crash I once saw
Where four people – I think – wound up dead,
So gruesome it was, macabre and raw –
As you do, it kept popping in my head!

Some more things that to our love I’d compare:
Drowning (breathtaking!), or gym strip smell (strong!)
Or a perfect steak! – so tender and rare
Or like one-dollar underwear – could never go wrong.

I love you like dung beetles love you-know-what
And also like druggies love pot.
My love for you’s as big as Jabba the Hutt
(And as sleazy as he is – that’s how much you’re hot!)

Also, like the stench of a rotting, dead fish –
The smell – how it fills up a room?
In the same way, my love, every time we kiss
My senses overwhelm and I quite nearly swoon!

As intense as the pain from a kick to the nuts
(or so I’ve been told, I should say)
And as true as a bullet from a really good gun
Are the feelings of love that I send your way.

Our love is like cockroaches – quite impossible to kill!
And also like weeds in that way.
Stand the test of time – our love, it will!
Like blood stains – it will never fade!

I guess with all this what I’m trying to say
Is I love you – whole heart, mind and soul.
You’re my best friend, ’til the end I will stay
Together, we’re the two halves for the whole.


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