It is fantastic outside today – not a cloud in the sky (rare), a brisk, invigorating wind is blowing, and it’s just the right temperature for a light spring jacket.  A friend and I took her baby to the park (okay, “park” is a bit of a generous term – it was a strip of grass with some trees outside the mall) where we got to watch him crawl around and try to eat leaves and generally enjoy the outdoors.  Usually it’s too rainy here for that kind of behaviour.

We are moving in a month – I dont think i’ve mentioned to you, blogging world, that the husband and I are packing up camp again and relocating to our friend’s house’s basement suite.  We are both enraptured by the simple idea of having a yard once again – while the ocean view is quite lovely, there is something to be said for the freedom and enjoyment that comes of having an outdoor space that can be called your own.  We also get to choose the paint colors, which is exciting as well as a relief, since the current shade is a particularly garish bright rose.  It goes very well with the forest green countertops.

I’ve been stumbling across a few blogs written by people with whom I went to college, or knew briefly from other niches that have been a part of my life.  It’s sort of been regurgitating this idea that I had discussed awhile ago with a friend – it’s funny how we miss out on so many friendships with people throughout life, whether its because we just never had a chance to get to know them, were too shy to say “hey, I’m reading that book now too”, or thought, at the time (and maybe this is the saddest of all), that we were just too busy with other people and things to make the effort.  I am aware that I have been guilty of this in the past, and in reading the thoughts and adventures of some of these  individuals, it makes me rather sorry.

My apartment has slowly been filling with the smell of weed, presumably from whoever lives below us.  It is rather unpleasant.

Myrtle is dying.  A couple of months ago she began to turn very pale and shriveled.  We discovered a couple of bands tied tightly around her, cutting into her skin and presumably cutting of necessary circulation.  We had hoped that with the removal of the bands she would spring back to life, but she is still in a a very sorry state.  If you so much as look at her she sheds copious amounts.  It is very sad.

Myrtle is a tree, by the way.  A small tree that lives in a pot on our desk.  And if anybody has any plant advice, I’m all ears, because in her prime, Myrtle really was a very good-looking tree.

This Friday is opening night of Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland.  I cannot tell you how excited this makes me, because it involves three things I absolutely love: Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and of course, Alice in Wonderland!  I even dressed up as Alice this past Halloween, and somehow convinced Nathan to emulate the White Rabbit:

Aren’t we cute?

I’ve been excited about this movie since I found out about it in late 2008, and back then, March 2010 seemed like a million years away.  But here it is!  I do have very high hopes for this movie, which Nathan would say is a bad thing; he says if you go into something with low hopes, there is no way you can come away from it disappointed.  And if it turns out exceptionally, well then your reaction to it is all the more pleasant.  Well.  It’s too late and my level of expectation is already set.

Well.  It’s getting to be that time and I guess I should go get supper started.  I thought that my natural aversion to cooking would dissipate once the vows were said, but it seems that was not to be.  True, it’s better to prepare a meal for someone other than only myself, but I still don’t love it.  Well.  Happy meal-making and eating, friends.  Till next time.


One thought on “Hodge-Podge

  1. You are funny Jenae! Also, I had no idea you hated to cook! I guess I just figured since you did it, you liked it! As for Nathan’s philosophy: pshaw. I mean, usually we spend more time anticipating than doing (esp. if we plan ahead) so wouldn’t it be better to have high expectations? Wouldn’t that make us happier for a longer period of time?

    I mean, that is if you get over dashed expectations quickly. If you are one to linger over a disappointment, maybe not. I knew one person who would say this same thing. Only he would have his low expectations and then STILL be really disappointed and then he would linger over his disappointment! Talk about just sucking the life out of life!!

    okay, I should go to bed. 😉

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