Anybody remember, back in early elementary school, having to write stories where each new idea was introduced alternatingly by “fortunately” and “unfortunately”?  You know:  “Once there was a dinosaur named Jake.  Unfortunately he had made another dinosaur named Jimmy really angry by beating him in a game of ping pong the other day.  Fortunately, Jake is a t-rex and Jimmy is just a triceratops.

That kind of thing.

I am going to re-live my elementary experience and tell you about my fortunate/unfortunate weekend.  Here goes!

This weekend it was my birthday!

Fortunately, my husband decided to plan a weekend trip to the west coast.  He booked us a fantastic little cabin in Ucluelet right on the ocean and I was so excited to take lots of great pictures!

Unfortunately, in my haste and excitement to leave, i had forgotten to make sure that my memory card was in the camera.  It wasn’t.  Therefore I cannot actually post pictures of said adorable little cabin.

Fortunately, I decided that I would just focus on enjoying the scenery.  Upon waking up Saturday morning, we decided to head into Tofino and poke around there, as well as spend some time on long beach.  Maybe even try some surfing!

Unfortunately, while watching TV during breakfast, we discovered that an earthquake off the coast of Chile had created a ginormous wave, and a tsunami was heading our way!  The water was only supposed to rise a foot and ahalf, but this meant that every beach we passed was closed, the the access roads blocked off.

Fortunately, Tofino was still viable.  Some waterfront businesses had closed, but there was still lots of exploring to do.  Chesterman beach had not been closed, and as the tsunami was not due to arrive until later in the day, we spent awhile walking down it, admiring waves, watching surfers, and finding a few scattered shells.  There was a really beautiful rainforest trail that we came across as well that was reminiscent of the set from Avatar.  It began getting closer to the time the tsunami wave was supposed to arrive in BC, and we decided we wanted to see it.

Unfortunately, every beach we passed was blocked off, and some even had officers positioned to keep people like us from parking and walking down to the beach.  We ended up driving all the way back to Uclulet.

Fortunately, we discovered a vantage point from which we had a lovely view of the ocean.  We parked and waited.  And waited.  And waited…….

Unfortunately, all the hype surrounding the tsunami was completely anticlimactic.  There was no change in ocean activity.  The water level did not raise, and the waves crashed no more violently than they had been all day.

Fortunately, we had a lovely jacuzzi tub on our deck, and spent a fantastic and relaxing evening in there, listening to the barking of sea lions and watching the ocean.

Unfortunately, the next morning was the day we were to leave.  This was very sad.

Fortunately it was also my birthday!  Nathan made me breakfast in bed, and we spent the day slowly making our way back to Nanaimo, stopping in thrift stores and second hand bookstores in Port Alberni, meandering around the market in Coombs (where we also heard it announced that Canada had won the gold medal in hockey!), and of course having a birthday latte and doing a turn around Chapters before heading back to our apartment.

Unfortunately I can’t think of anything else “unfortunate” to add to my little story.  We freshened up, and went out for birthday sushi which was delicious and very filling, then came home and watched a movie.

Fortunately I had a lovely weekend turning 25!


One thought on “Fortunately/Unfortunately

  1. Personally, I think it’s rather fortunate that you couldn’t think of anything unfortunate to add to your blog!

    Sucks about the camera. SUCKS!

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