A Lovely Song

I just finished making a mix CD for a friend.  I love making mix CDs, not only because I am rather prideful about my music collection, but because while sifting through it, I get those small doses of satisfaction whenever I have one of those “oh yeah, this song!” moments. (As a side note: I will gladly make you, whoever you are, a mix CD, provided of course that you are willing to make one for me in return.  The only thing better than making a mix CD is receiving one!)

I had one of those moments while making this particular mix CD.  This is a song called ‘Butterfly’ and it’s by a Finnish a cappella group called Rajaton.  A little obscure, perhaps.  The professor of this music class I took in college played it for us the first day, and I fell in love with it.  The video with it here is not terribly exciting, but the song is so great.  Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “A Lovely Song

    • Well, in case you didn’t catch the somewhat facetious tone to my post, I’m not, in fact, justifying my spending habits. But, in regards our “No Spending On Frivolous Things Budget”, I have to say that I’ve taken out the “No” part and substituted “Moderated”. When I jumped on board, i didn’t really take into consideration that for better or worse, i like shopping. i just do. and absolutely no spending on anything extraneous is something that just isn’t possible for me, and moreover, i dont think i want it to be possible. i do agree though that it is something that needs to be more firmly regulated than it has been in the past.

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