An Aquarian Exposition

I wish I could have gone to Woodstock.

Not for the free drugs (not my thing), not for the free love (hey c’mon now, I already get that at home!), and not even especially for the lineup that was there (although Hexdrix woulda been something to see).  I think just being there, surrounded by music and hippies and not caring about being muddy or tired would have been wonderful.  I like the idea of “living peace”.  I like the idea of being somewhere for the same purpose as hundreds of thousands of others who share your (or similar) ideals.  I read somewhere that Woodstock is the only example of a functioning utopian society.  If only people could embrace just a little bit of that mellowed mentality, I think this world might be just a little bit of a better place.

I guess the ubiquitous pot probably helped with the mellowage, too.

Nathan & I rented Taking Woodstock last night, hence my likely somewhat idealized impression of the festival.  Annnnd of course, it got me thinking about summer, and folk fest, and wishing it were happening next week instead of in 6 months.

We were curious, so we decided to see if our new home had any like music festivals – and were pleased to discover that indeed, we were in luck!  Both the Comox Valley and Vancouver hold annual folk music festivals, both which had great lineups this past summer (read: The Weakerthans, Great Lake Swimmers, Iron & Wine).  My tarp is as good as packed!

Nathan & I at Calgary Folk Fest '09


2 thoughts on “An Aquarian Exposition

  1. I agree with you about Woodstock. There is SOMETHING about a whole bunch of people being together united in purpose or interest or whatever. I sort of feel that way about the mall. 😉

    Actually, there IS something I feel that way about. I just cannot currently recall what. It is a great feeling though.

    • well then, i almost have to insist that you, michael, & soren should accompany nathan & i & undetermined others to the vancouver folk festival in july! its gonna be great.

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