I am typing this after erasing what almost became a post full of gibberish and me looking for random inspiration regarding what I should write about.

I have a lot of ideas swirling around in my head.  Not ideas regarding what to write about, specifically, just ideas and plans that I want to get accomplished in the near future.  I’ll list them:

*Build a house – this is something Nathan & I have been talking about as of late.  Of course every couple dreams of owning their own place, but we’d like to do it sooner rather than later.  And how much more awesome would it be if it’s in a place we’ve handpicked, built in a way we’ve designed ourselves, and decorated with the paint, flooring, etc. we want?  I hear that if you do it right, building is actually cheaper than buying.

*I would also like to write a book.  This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, I’ve just been trying to find the right story.  I just may have done that a few weeks back, but I want to play with the characters and outline to make sure it’ll really be good before I put pen to paper so to speak.

*Travel – oh yes, the travel bug has got me good.  There are very many places I would love love love to visit, but right now Europe + a backpack are at the top of the list.  I’ve been reading a lot of historical fiction and would be enthralled at getting to see in person some of the places and things I’ve been reading about.  Also it would be cool to meet some of my and Nathan’s relatives.

*Have a baby – don’t worry parents, if you’re reading this, this one isn’t on my list to happen for a while!  It’s funny though, I’ve never been one to ooh and aah over babies, and I cant really say that I’ve ever really had strong maternal instincts.  But since getting married and moving to a place where several of my friends have children, I’ve been more and more into the idea.  I am exceedingly curious about what my and Nathan’s child will look like, who he/she will take after, etc; and think it will be such an awesome feeling to introduce people to my child.

*Become a teacher – this is never a career I really ever considered for myself, but I guess I have sort of accidentally fallen into it.  I have not really had any jobs relation to communications or media since I got my b.a., but I have had several to do with children.  And most surprisingly, I found out that I have a knack for teaching kids to do things.  Even more surprising: I enjoy it!  I have a meeting tomorrow to find out if I qualify with my previous b.a. for the post-bacc. program at VIU.  If I do, this is good news, because then I could be a teacher two years from right now.

Those are all of the main goals I can think of.  The biggest obstacle I can see in obtaining all of those is time.  Actually it’s a little complicated; I want to travel and teach AND build a house all before having a baby.  And I dont want to wait forever to have a family.  I’m thinking 27, tops.  Which gives me around 2 years to accomplish all of my afore-mentioned goals.  Which will be expensive, because traveling and schooling both cost money.  Oh dear.

Well, it is time to make supper for the husband.  Maybe I can figure this all out over dinner.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Did you figure it out after dinner?

    I think Soren is the one who has inspired you. He must be. I totally think so. He is THAT inspiring. Seriously though, I recommend going to Europe first before the house building commences. You’ll have more cash for it that way. Okay, so: Europe this Fall, housebuilding NEXT fall, baby next Spring (planted not sown). Those are my recommendations.


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