Humble Pie

Humble Pie is not my favorite dish.  It is odorous and unappealing, and when it is being prepared, it more often than not smells up one’s whole house.  But it seems to be a staple for me lately, I’ve been chewing through that sinewy filling, forming it into a thick lump that sticks in my throat, leaving its bitter taste on my tongue.  No, the stuff is not appetizing, but a necessary dish now and then, perhaps to keep one’s pride and sense of reality in check.

So what has happened in the life of Jenae to warrant this self-imposed diet?  Well, I’ll admit it, I screwed up.  I did, I screwed something up at work – and a fairly obvious and foolish screw up it was, too.  Boy, did I feel stupid that day.  So, since Humble Pie is a dish best served up while it’s hot, I did what I thought  would make it right as quick as possible.  A sincere apology and an offer to amend the wrong as best I could: the first pungent, sticky bite.

Nothing more was said on the subject for another week or two, and it seemed that that may be that for my helping of Pie.  Alas, it seems as though my palate had just been cleansed when -bam! I found that another huge helping of Humility had been set in right in front of me.  It would seem that while I had, in my opinion, learned from my error and moved on, other parties were not so inclined to forgive and forget, so to speak.  My mistake was remembered quite vividly and as such was affecting my work environment, and of more practical concern, the amount of work I was getting.

Now, as I see it, I had apologized, acknowledged my wrong and would not repeat such an error again.  As other parties see it, I was to learn, such a mistake indicated that this was the type of results that could be expected from my efforts, and as such a repeat was likely.  Oh man.  I think there are still pieces stuck in my teeth from that particular bite of Pie.

So I now find myself asking, who is in the right?  Who is in the wrong?  Is anybody in the wrong?  Of course, I feel that a second chance is in order here.  Yes, I was the one who messed up, but anybody who has eaten that amount of Humble Pie certainly deserves a second chance.  Yet if the table was turned would I be so quick to clear the plates and declare to save your forks,  it’s time for dessert?

Ethics aside, I am also wondering what action I should take from here.  Is it worth the fight to stick it out and hope that eventually I will win things over?  Or is it time to pick up the tea towel and start drying the dishes?  Thanks for the meal, but it’s time for me to go now?

Ah, Humble Pie is a prickly, uncomfortable dish.  One never knows at first, I think, if one is satisfied after eating it or not.  I think it’s different depending where and how it is prepared and served.  This pie that I’m working on now though, I think I will be chewing on it for awhile.


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