the brink

i like that word, “brink.”  to me, it instills a sense of anticipation, a sense of realizing that your world is somehow about to become larger.  a change is going to come.  sometimes being on “the brink” is exciting and welcome – you may be on the brink of adventure, for example.  conversely, you may also be on the brink of disaster or starvation.  these are not good brinks to be on.

i am on the brink of….well, of something.  or maybe somethings.

i am on the brink of marriage.  i think it’s close enough – two months now! – to be considered on the brink.  this is a good brink to be on.  i am so excited to be in my own place with my new husband and to forge a life together.  nothing, at the moment, thrills me more!

i am also on the brink of…actually i dont quite know what exactly.  big changes, for sure.  plans for post-wedding that seemed secure and sure have suddenly shifted, leaving a huge decision to be made, namely, where to settle down (for a year or more) after the honeymoon.  the options, as i see it, are as follows:

winnipeg – the original plan, if not for un-transfered credits!  good friends and family await, as well as new friends i am sure.  school at hand if a decision to continue education is made.  a previous love and knowledge of the city exist, as well as an eagerness to re-haunt old – well, haunts.  negatives: c-c-c-old six-month long winter,  and bugs.

medicine hat- friends and family who would overjoyedly shower us with affection and thanksgiving if we decided to remain here.  negatives – dead end jobs, lack of job prospects, a strong urge on both our parts to experience something new.

qualicum beach, b.c. – yes, this is a seemingly spin-the-globe option.  the original idea was for nathan to attend luthier school here.  however, due to the fact that it costs an arm and a leg, this seems unlikely at the moment.  however, cost of living appears relatively low, scenery (think ocean, mountain, and rainforest) is breathtaking, and the idea of moving somewhere beautiful for the adventure and experience of it is deliciously appealing.  negatives – we dont know anybody there.  positives: we dont know anybody there.

anywhere else – quite honestly, as long as it appears we have a decent chance of eking out a living, making friends, and enjoying life in general, we are open.

so this is my brink.  it is, i think, and exciting brink to be on.  not un-nerve wracking, but exciting.  sort of, suppose, not unlike standing on the brink of the grand canyon – a slip could prove fatal, but the feeling as if the whole world is open before you is exhilarating unlike any other.


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