if one bajillion people join this group, we will get the old facebook back!

every time i log in to check my facebook, i see that at least one of my contacts has joined a group with a title similar to this one.  i think the funniest one i’ve seen so far was the one i saw when i logged in today: “facebook said that if i get 5,000,000 people in this group they’de change it bak”.  wow, really?  surprisingly enough, 325,338 facebookers have already jumped on board that one.  i dont think i’ve seen people rally around any cause quite how outraged facebookers have banded together and united with the sole task of cajoling poor mark slee (facebook’s product manager) into doing away with his new layout.

its quite heartwarming, really.  world hunger pales in comparison.

actually, i suppose that initially i was slightly annoyed when my facebook account changed over and i had to search for the links i wanted to click on.  i would have been pleased if one day, i’d logged on and everything was “back to normal.”  but today, as i went to navigate back to my homepage, and slid my mouse just as naturally to the upper left corner instead of the upper right corner as it was set up with the old facebook, i was overcome with a momentous realization (i pretty much almost fell out of my chair.  for serious): everyone will get used to the new facebook, just like we all had to get used to the old facebook.  and in three months, nobody will care.  and if you still do, you will probably be considered a noob, as my little brother would put it.  anyway, i just find it slightly amusing how upset everyone is over something so insignificant.


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