I’m up ridiculously late.  

(since when did 12:18 am become ridiculously late??  yeeeshhh…i am getting old)

i’ve been picture-browsing (hurray for facebook; though most of my pictures were long lost when my hard drive crashed a few months back, a select few survived that i deemed worthy enough to share with the world). it’s crazy how as i flipped through the past four or so years of my life, an hour had come and gone before i knew it.  i smiled as i saw faces, most of those who i held dear during my years at prov.  i shook my head and laughed as i saw and recalled the evening mellaina and i decided to down a bottle of wine and bake a strudel. i remembered the cold that i could never keep from biting the tip of my nose even on the shortest venture outdoors in mid-january, but also the warmth of friends and a good mug of tea.  

as i write, it all seems like a lifetime away from where i am now.

i can be incredibly nostalgic. the past is, in my view, very often a lush green pasture that i sincerely long to return to.  but today is different.  as i saw the faces and places from years past flash by me, i remembered the good times, but i was also struck with the realization that, for all that the people and places of the past have meant to me, there is no other place i’d rather be, past or future, than exactly where i am right now.   i look fondly back on the past, and anticipate with excitement the things that will come my way in the future, but for now, i can truly say that i am content.


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