more plans….or lack thereof

its kind of funny; i neglect this blog (and any other form of creative writing) for months, and all at once it seems i have people everywhere reminding me, telling me that hey, i need to write more.  you love to write, they say, you’re so good at it.  you cant just not write.  here’s this journalism job i saw in the paper, you should apply. and so on.

of course i like to write, and of course i would still love to be paid to do so.  eventually.  truth is, at the moment, i am quite happy soaking up as many different life experiences as i possibly can; living planless, mostly.  at the moment, this planless plan entails me living and working in medicine hat, saving money for, of course, travel.  it is obvious how going and finding myself a career would be quite detrimental to this “plan”.  and this is precisely why i am, currently, doing absolutely nothing related whatsoever to my hard-earned (and expensive) degree.  

makes perfect sense to me.

or maybe thats not the whole truth.  it is the version i’ve been selling to myself and everyone who cares to inquire, and while it IS the truth, i am slowly beginning to wonder if it really is the whole truth.  while it is true that future “plans” do include travel, however up-in-the-air it may be at the moment (though is that not more or less the point of a planless plan?), and that it does therefore make sense to stay around here and save money, even though this is a terrible city in which to find a job that truly interests me…could there be a little more to it?  maybe….maybe if one were to boil the pot nearly bone-dry, my lack of plan would really simmer down to a simple lack of motivation.  it’s shameful, i know.  and as much as i would like to pawn my severe neglect of my creative faculties off on my great planless plan, really…that has very little to do with not blogging or even taking a half-interesting photograph in months.  

i dont know where this lack of motivation has come from.  i really dont.  but i suppose, at the very least, i do have a desire to get it back, and hopefully that counts for something.  

i sincerely hope that the next post will not be nearly so long in coming.  because, really…i do love to write.


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