well.  hello there. 

after a…what is it now…two month involuntary hiatus, i shall now pour myself a cup of tea, breathe deeply, and update.

it has been an eventful couple of months (to say the least).  and i have missed writing.  not writing, so much, for the sake of putting the details of my life into some sort of solid state (as solid as anything digital can be, that is), or even for the sake of presenting my thoughts and opinions in a way that someone else will hopefully find interesting or insightful, but mostly for the sheer sense of satisfaction that comes from putting words, phrases, and paragraphs together in a way that, well, just sounds really good.  

(really…lately it seems i have been reading things that are just plain awful.)

if writing truly is a gift of mine, i have shamefully been letting it gather dust for too long.

anyhow, i did say that this was going to be an update.

it would seem that big changes are on the horizon for me.  i have been working jobs for awhile now that have become major sources of stress for me.  and it has become more than apparent to me that the time has indeed come to move on to the bigger and the better.  so, i have chosen to spend yet another summer at the ymca.  yes, yes, yes.  i know.  it does seem like an obvious reversion, but i am counting on this small step backward to act as a stepping stone to a huge step forward.  let me explain.  really, i can rationalize this.  i’ve been offered a position as the arts director for the day camp, which just seemed like way too much fun to pass up, especially when i found out that my brother has a job there as well, and that one of my good friends will be my co-arts director.  the job ends at the end of august, and then…

…well, this is where things begin to get a little fuzzy.  however, it is my plan that at this point, i begin to look for a job that i can really go places with.  journalism?  maybe.  creative writing? i sure hope so.  the definite upside of this all is that instead of staying in a dead-end job, sitting there and hoping something comes along eventually, when the day camp job ends, i will have no choice but to find something else.  

and, i am planning on finding that something else in winnipeg.

so, if all goes well, that is where i will be come september.  i’ll keep you posted.


One thought on “plans.

  1. Good to hear Jenae! The question now is, with the time upon you, how are you doing with these goals? Hopefully well. Have a good one.


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