*yaaaawn…strrrretch*…another incredibly lazy day spent around here, this one unfortunately not exactly by choice.  work has been really slow, & as such, my hours were cut in half last week, effective this week.  so i’ve had been “enjoying” a long, long weekend.  all week.

while i cant say i havent enjoyed the time off, it does, quite royally, screw me over.

yesterday was spent in  a semi-fruitful job search.  today was spent in lovely aimless wanderingment.  i ended up in a used bookstore, a tea shop (where they are ordering me in my favorite tea, which i cannot find anywhere around here!), and in a kitschy, cluttered antique store, where i had the most awkward antique shopping experience ever.  as i stepped in the  door (a bell-ring and hinges in bad need of a little wd-40 lovin’ heartily announced my arrival, so my presence must have been known), i was immediately aware that i’d walked in on the presumable owner and his presumable wife/employee in the middle of a heated argument.  Actually it was too one-sided to be accurately called an argument; the wife/employee had apparently broken something in the back while….cleaning?  inventory?  it doesnt matter, in any case, he was “explaining” to her in no uncertain terms how terrible this was and how she should just leave things alone, etc, etc.  And it didnt stop when i walked in.  the presence of me, a customer, was acknowledged in no way at all. i felt like a neighbour who’d come over to borrow a cup of sugar at the wrong time.  should….should i come back later?  i seriously wondered.  but, i decided, it made more sense for me to be shopping there than for them to be arguing there at that time, so i let the door close (a little harder than necessary, just to be sure they heard) behind me.

at first i found it quite humorous…is this guy seriously acting like this in front of a potential customer??  but as he kept yelling at her, and became more and more insulting, it just sort of made me sad.  i browsed, he shouted, and she just sort of took it all in.  i imagine she was embarrassed for him, about the whole situation.  he went in the back, and she tiredly sold me a bracelet for a flippant 50 cents.  and then i left.  should i have stepped in?  i later wondered, should i have said something?  “hey you…there….cut it out? please?” of course there is no imaginable way that could have gone well.  i am still sort of sorting out what to make of it all.

in less depressing news, in light of recent events, more specifically, since my hours at work were just cut in half, along with a few other factors, i have been putting a lot of thought into joining three friends this summer in working and living in australia for three months this summer.  i did the math, and all things considered, i think i can do it without putting myself in the red more than 4 or 5 hundred dollars.  it just sort of seems like the best time to do it, i know people going, and for those three months anyway, there seems to be much more pushing me there than keeping me here.  i guess i will know either way…i would like to say within the week.


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