good morning!

i have to admit i quite enjoy these rare mornings when i wake up and have more than enough time for coffee and reading and just for myself before running out the door for work.  & i also have to admit that these mornings are regrettably rare, so i have to savour them when they do come along.

here is why i am up so early.  i’ll bet you are all just dying to know.  anyway, this morning i was supposed to go on an early morning shoot to medelta, which, for those of you who dont know, used to be a pottery factory here in medicine hat, & is now a sort of museum.  it’s full of exciting medicine hat history & more importantly, awesome photo ops.  HOWEVER, my shooting buddy failed dreadfully to awaken at the sound of his alarm clock this morning.  tsk tsk.  not to be (overly) dismayed, i decided to instead take my camera on a short jaunt around my neighbourhood, as medelta is postponed until monday.

perhaps one of my favorite things about riverside is that between its overgrown wrought-iron gates, weathered & rusty exteriors, the neglected path that meanders along the river, and of course, the affinity of its tenants for eclectic-bordering-on-kitschy decor, this place is absolutely full of beauty.  it may be badly faded, & it may not be beauty in the usual sense, but it is there.  though medicine hat is growing in both population & affluence, riverside still harbours this sense of community & slower pace of life that is very small-town oriented.  i love that most people here still smile and nod and say good morning when they pass each other on the sidewalk.  & i love that the employees of the cafe across the street plunk down on the curb in front of the building & enjoy a cigarette on their breaks.  this actually didnt strike me as very odd until i tried to imagine the same thing happening along dunmore road or 13th ave.

anyhow, i think i live in one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods here, & i will try to show you what i mean as soon as my film is developed.

*siiiigh.*  i must soon head off to work.  i am not sure if i am ready for my day to really begin yet.


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  1. I love these kind of mornings too. So it occurs to me that for you to have this kind of morning and assuming you have to go to work at nine am, you are up ridiculously early. I’m talking 5 am early which seem ludicrous to me. I did used to live in Riverside and I agree, no one really appreciates the older more rustic beauty of that part of town. There are times when I miss the meandering paths and the simplicity or feeling of that part of town that just doesn’t exist elsewhere in that city. I will have to take a walk (or run) through that part of town again. Have a good one.

  2. 5 am…..i only wish i were that ambitious!! no, this was more like up by 6:30 ready to go by 7. which, i must admit, i find hard enough as it is 🙂

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