please double my blessing value

i found something today that both amused and irritated the hell out of me.

apparently there is now a facebook application allowing users to proudly display on their profiles what shining examples of christianity they are.  i stumbled across it while, as usual, cruising across facebook when i should be in bed; a friend had added a list of “blessings” to their page.  okay, i thought, a list of things this person is thankful for.  that’s okay.  maybe.  but when i read it a little closer and saw that the list of “blessings” contained statements like “i read God’s word” and “i help with sunday school”, i started to wonder, what the hell kind of application is this?

i added it out of morbid curiousity.

from what i can tell, the idea behind I Am Christian is for the user to let others know that he or she is a christian, and to become part of an online christian community of sorts.  the first thing this site wanted me to do was make my own list of blessings, “a list of items that i typically do, or promise my friends that i will do”, apparently.  i had to laugh when the first thing that popped up on my screen after adding this thing was large green print boldly declaring to me  that i am a christian with ZERO blessings.  oh, dear.  

i also got a nice email from the creators of I Am Christian explaining all of the benefits of this application: i can find recommendations for the best christian products (oh…i wasnt aware that items built for sale were inherently spiritual), judge which blessings are “very christian” and which are not, and best of all, confirm that a friend actually performs the blessings he or she claims, and by doing so, double the value of this blessing (whaaaat???).   

okay.  needless to say, there is a lot that  (mildy speaking) really bothers me about this application.  first of all, i have yet to find a real point to anything that application does.  sure, maybe users could potentially use the forums for a little christian Q&A, but i have serious doubts regarding the potential of any really theologically oriented discussion taking place on a site that considers listening to christian music and “walking in the light” to be two of the major earmarks of christianity.  i find it shallow, trite, and extremely kitsch (and not in the positive, trendy sense of the word) for people to display these lists of “christian accomplishments” in such a fashion, or at all.  is this really what you chalk your belief system up to be, that you “realize  that paradise is opened up to you” and that you “walk in the light lest darkness fall upon you”?  (seriously, what does that even mean???) 

hmm, potential tangents keep coming to mind as i write this.  but, the hour is late, and i am tired, so perhaps a later time.  i just cant imagine, if someone like me finds things like this self-righteous and tasteless, what must others think? oookay, now seriously, i need to go remove that application from my facebook account before someone sees it on there. 


2 thoughts on “please double my blessing value

  1. That is ridiculous eh? Christianity is so skewed in today’s world. And Facebook is just well…Facebook. I guess it takes a step back to truly realize that saying you are a Christian is not exactly something we want to equate ourselves with, but more we want to just say we have faith in God and the Bible or something to that effect. But please, please, please don’t categorize me as a Christian. That’s the response people give because of stupid apps like the I AM CHRISTIAN one. I liked the “oh…i wasnt aware that items built for sale were inherently spiritual” part.

  2. The paster at soul talked a little bit about this (not the application but the general principle) and about how label things as “Christian” is supposed to make them safe. So that eating Testimints or playing with christian poker chips is a “safe” “christian” activity. I completely agree with both you and him.

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