it’s kind of funny….not in a humorous sort of way, & not really in a strange sort of way either…it’s more of one of those things where we stop & blink & go “huh, that’s funny.”  and when we think about it some more (which we may or may not do), it just becomes sort of…sad. anyhow, it’s kind of funny, in a way, but now that i think about it, i cant remember the last time somebody asked me how i was doing, i mean really doing.  because sure, check-out stand clerks and waiters and people on the phone have all directed those words at me in the recent past, but it’s not the sort of situation where anything beyond a “fine, thanks” or “good, you?”  is required or even desired.  in fact, it’s surprised me lately how many times i’ve asked somebody how they are doing, and even in standard greeting it’s not asked back of me.  i dont even have to dwell on this very long to become bothered.  i know, i know; my coworkers care about me.  my friends care about me.  i know they do, but to be quite frank, when day after day nobody bothers to find out first hand how i am really doing, it becomes harder and harder for me to believe & live like this is true.


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  1. I think about you all the time, and I wonder how you are. I would love an email from you telling me how you are. You are an amazing woman and you are loved by many. Don’t forget it okay.

    I love you Nae; how are you today?

  2. working in retail i’m confronted with the ‘how are you today?’ ‘i’m fine thanks’ thing day in and day out… i try not to dwell on it too much but some days my brain just yells every time i say it, “lies, it’s all lies!!!!”

    it’s not, really, I am generally fine, but yeah. the falsity of the exchange gets to me.

    I hope you’re honestly well though, I’m sad I missed you while you were in the ‘Peg – I was out of town!

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