I just got home from Tongue On The Post – Medicine Hat’s very own winter folk music festival.   I have to say, the evening surprised me rather pleasantly; first of all, I had no idea this event even existed until a few weeks ago, I guess being out of province the past 3 years at this time is to blame for that.  It is really just like a mini folk festival, only indoors and  there was no semi-nudity or avenue of food vendors touting their vegan wares. Anyway, this evening was the official Tongue on the Post kickoff, highlighted by a singer/songwriter showcase, comprised mostly of local talent.  To play at this particular evening, all one had to do was show up early, add his or her name to the list, and one coveted ten minute time slot would be theirs.  In other words, this evening had much potential to be more “gong” than “show”, if you get my drift.  I was absolutely impressed by what i saw & heard this evening; I am amazed at what talent we have kicking around here.  From young to old (and by old I mean a fifty’s-ish woman with an electric guitar), roots to blues, everyone that stepped on that stage tonight had real talent.  There were several performers who stuck out, but this guy, Darren Johnson , kicked some serious ass.  Mmmmyes, I would say that this evening definitely whet my appetite for folk festival season. 


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