tomorrow i am having a potluck at  my house.  i know, i know. given my past relationship with activities such as cooking & baking, what in the world am i doing hosting something like a potluck??  i’m not gonna lie, i did briefly consider arguing that the table, plates & cutlery should count as my contribution, but i have realized that no, i’ve got to muster all of my culinary strength and    cook    something!

*sigh*  so, that something, i have decided, will be pizza.  and no, it will not need to be de-cellophaned before sticking it in the oven.  and it will not be your average pepperoni & grated cheddar pizza either.  no sir.  if i’m gonna cook, i’m gonna COOK.  i’ve gotten some awesome ingredients including my personal favorites, artichoke hearts & sundried tomatoes to put on it, & am actually fairly confident that it just might turn out tasting okay.

actually i never really thought it possible, but over the past few months i’ve been warming up to the idea of cooking.  this evening i even made pad thai, okay, granted, the sauce was pre-mixed, but damn, did it turn out good!  & i mean, it does take a certain amount of courage to inch onesself close enough to that innocuous-looking fry pan full of hot oil to dump in the veggies & shrimp (i think i may have had the element turned up too high at first…as soon as the shrimp touched that pan, the oil roared & splattered all over the place…you know how it looks when it’s raining really hard & it’s bouncing off of the pavement…i think i may have knocked over a chair trying to get away).  anyhow, despite everything, i may….just a little….be beginning to enjoy cooking.


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