Welcome one, welcome all to the fantabulous new home of my new/old blog.

I had a good run of things on LiveJournal, but the ol’ ambellina-j was in need of a little html facelift, and lets face it, for us css amateurs, WordPress kicks LiveJournal’s custom settings butt any day.

Since taking on the role of post-college graduate, I hate to admit it, but my critical response skills have taken a severe nosedive…not because I’ve quit reading cold turkey or anything like that – au contraire, I am loving having the time to read the things I really want to – no, but since I am no longer judged on a scale of A-F on how well I am able to critically respond, I have become – it’s terrible – lazy.  In any case, perhaps this move across the blogosphere will help correct that.  That’s the idea anyway.

Though there is apparently a way I can import from LiveJournal to here, <a href:”http://ambellina-j.livejournal.com/”>THIS<a/&gt; is a link to the ol’ LiveJournal site.

Though the one WordPress gave me is nothing less than functional, I am pretty sure I need to come up with something else to title this blog.  Maybe I should have a contest.

That’s all for now, happy reading & writing.


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